Business Units

We don’t work only at our “customers’ homes”, but in a larger “home”, one that includes the entire surrounding environment.

Water treatment requires an interdisciplinary approach; it requires study and research skills, construction technologies, communication strategies and a special relationship with customers and stakeholders.

The construction of pilot plants is the solution for many treatment problems.

A researcher’s greatest source of pride is moving from the laboratory to a full-scale solution.

Research and Development

The search for new technologies to solve quality problems of primary and secondary water drives the green economy and is the true wealth of a country and a company. Our collaborations with universities, research centres and technology centres are Smartwater’s biggest asset.


We cannot choose the technologies best suited to water treatment based solely on past experience. Every type of water to be treated requires careful study in order to understand and correctly size the purification process. Consulting is the cornerstone of good design.

Design and building treatment plants

If design is based on good advice and studies accurately defining the design data, mathematical modelling will produce a proper purification process. Three-dimensional design in BIM ensures there are no surprises during plant construction.

Water management

When plants are well designed and well constructed, their management is simplified and focused on optimising consumption and performance.

How do you start up a biological purification plant?

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